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D042: A Mind for the Future (online)

Psychology, the next stAge

Gain insights into how to take the next steps towards an interesting and fulfilling future. How are you going to apportion your time? Are you going to follow a script of others’ choosing or pursue your own personal, heartfelt goals? Discover your own emotional style. Join this class and engage in this process. Ask questions of one another, weigh the pro and cons and reflect on action. Insights into mental traps, healthy habits of mind, seeing the positives in situations and focusing your attention. Class website and videos.

Key Information

These classes are part of CLL’s Daytime Programme and are aimed at those aged 50 and over.

Tutor: Val Bissland BA MA EdD MBPsS

Tue 06/10/2020 - Tue 27/10/2020
Meetings: 4

Tuesday (12.15 - 13.45)
online, online