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D128: 8 Steps to a Brilliant Brain (online)

Health and Wellbeing, Psychology

In a friendly, interactive way learn the latest insights about your amazing brain through short presentations, worksheets and video clips. Discover how lifestyle and attitudes affect the brain’s health and vitality. Explore different types of memory, storage and retrieval and why our memories are in constant flux. Practise together some techniques to improve recall and marvel at videos of memory champions and learn from their use of imagination, exaggeration and stories. Also view videos of people with distorted memories, providing insights into its complexity. A class website provides links to useful resources and material.

Please note there is no class on Monday 2 and 9 November. This class will extend by 2 weeks.

Key Information

These classes are part of CLL’s Daytime Programme and are aimed at those aged 50 and over.

Tutor: Val Bissland BA MA EdD MBPsS

Mon 05/10/2020 - Mon 07/12/2020
Meetings: 8

Monday (12.15 - 13.45)
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